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RDP ThinBook 1130-EC1 (Intel Quad Core 1.92 GHz Processor/2GB RAM/32GB Storage/Windows 10) 11.6" HD IPS Display Panel

absolute real in every frame Now with ultrarich  Panel .....

₹10,599.00 ₹13,500.00

RDP ThinBook 1430p (Intel 1.92 GHz Quad Core / 2GB RAM / 32GB Storage) 14.1" HD Screen Laptop - Windows 10 Professional

ThinBook, an Ultra Slim Laptop with 14.1" HD DisplayAt Just Less than 20mm ThinBook is India's First.....

₹13,999.00 ₹18,999.00

RDP Zero Clients | Z - 102 (Specially designed for Multimedia Class Rooms)

What is Zero client ??? Zero clients are cost effective and alternative to PC's. It largely depends .....


RDP Zero Client AL-500 (Full HD Movies Compatible)

A New Technology in the network-based computing comes to live today as RDP the leading Computer Hard.....

₹8,499.00 ₹11,500.00

RDP Gravity B800 Tablet 8 Inch Size (4G + Wi-Fi + Voice Calling)

You would visualize clear and sharp icons, images and movies. The RDP Gravity tablet features a h.....

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